Oct 2011

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For instance, entities with gender balanced management saw an average increase of 4% in employee engagement compared to only 1% for the others. Client retention rates showed similar patterns. ”Better economic performance leads to better financial outcomes when there is increased representation of women in senior positions — so how does Ireland match up statistically on female leadership across the design sector?Mackenzie Doyle says that approximately 11% of creative directors in Ireland are female, but that figure is even lower in some disciplines. Danielle TownsendThis is something that graphic designer, Danielle Townsend, has noticed in her own sector: “I have found it hugely positive. I have, however, when I was in industry and in agencies, always reported to or worked as part of a team where men were at the helm. “It’s rarely been the case that women were in those leadership roles.

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Oct 2011

graphic design major

In a backlit situation there will be a lot of light in the background but no or little light cast on the front of the subject. This would normally create somewhat of a silhouette effect, but with a fill flash it would balance the photo nicely. But in order for this technique to work, you must be careful to stay in flash range which is usually around four to ten feet. With common cameras in order to add fill flash to a photo just toggle the flash to go off when it normally would not be needed. A slow sync flash is for more complicated exposures and is used commonly to create blurry long exposures. The flash fires at the beginning of the exposure , but the shutter still stays open for a moment after the flash has fired. This can freeze a car at dusk and create a blurry streak in the cars path. Or the slow sync flash could capture a sunset and freeze a closer subject that is moving through the frame. There are countless situations where a slow sync flash could possibly be used to enhance an exposure. There are also other versions of the sync flash such as the rear sync flash where the flash fires at the end of an exposure or the stroboscopic flash where the flash fires multiple times throughout an exposure. Fill flash fills in the areas of a photo that would normally appear too dark.

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